What time are family photo sessions?  I photograph right after sunrise and just before sunset - these are the golden hours where the sky is bright, but the harsh sunlight isn't causing shadows.


Oh no!  It's cloudy, should reschedule?  Not at all!  I LOVE, and I mean LOVE, photographing on cloudy days.  If it is rainy, then we will reschedule (unless of course you want to play in the rain!)


What is a family photo session like?  Once we arrive to our location, we'll start with the more traditional pictures and have family members smiling and facing the camera.  Traditional posed photographs for 60 minutes are tough on young kids, so plan to walk around, jump, run, play and laugh!


What happens if my children aren't behaving?  No worries!  Let's have fun, relax and capture those candid moments we often overlook.  The picture of your toddler with the crocodile tears will bring a smile years later just as the smiling face taken 10 seconds later will do the same.


What should I wear?  I recommend either 2 or 3 colors that complement each families skin tone, hair coloring along with the time of year.  We'll work together to find a color palette that works for you!  For more suggestions, please check our my Pintrest page!


Where do you photograph? Select parks around Central and Eastern Howard County and occasionally in Baltimore city.  I'm always curious to try new places, so if you have a location in mind, we can explore it together!


Do you photograph inside?  Not at this time.  I do not have a studio nor the lighting equipment to work inside.  Instead, I have naturally fallen in love with the beauty and wonder of being outside and choose locations with natural or urban backgrounds.


Which photograph package is right for me?  Well, that depends on a few factors.  If you kiddos are really young, I recommend the hour long session.  This gives us time to relax and have fun, enjoy a snack and take a break.  If kids are older (~10+) and are willing participants, then 30 minutes will be plenty of time.


How many people are included in the price for a photo session?  I don't have a firm rule about the number of people per session.  So, a family with 1 child will be the same price as a family with 5 children.  Of course, if a multiple related families and grandparents and dozens of kids would like to gather for a large photo shoot, I would alter my rate reasonably.


Oh boy...I have a huge pimple and our session is tomorrow!  Not to fear, I can make it disappear :)


Do I get to select my pictures?  Yes, I use a image hosting site to upload the very best photos from your session.  Please know that I upload photographs that have a large watermark embedded on the picture. 


How long until I receive my photos?  Your proof gallery will be ready in about 2 weeks.  Next, you will select your favorites and then I need about 2 weeks to finish editing.  I will do my best to be done sooner!  I know customers are excited to share their family memories.  Also, I do my best to post a few "teaser" pics on Facebook as soon as I possibly can - many times within 24 hours!


Can I purchase additional images?  Of course!  Additional images will range $5-$10 each depending on the amount of editing required. 


Do you offer printed pictures?  This is not a service I currently offer, but I highly recommend using MPIX  (https://www.mpix.com/) for all your printing needs.